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Anthony Lei is a UK-qualified architect and a RIBA member. He has lived, studied and worked in various parts of the world including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and the UK. With his upbringing and life experience, he is confident to work with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  In the UK, he studied at the Architectural Association, where he was trained to think progressively and push the boundaries in design and architecture. After graduating, he spent six years working in various practices in London. He was given the opportunity to design and manage the construction of a school project as well as developing design details for high-end residential buildings. Since moving back to Hong Kong, he has worked for some leading architectural practices on projects ranging from high-rise apartments, retail developments, educational and hospitality sectors.

Anthony is deeply interested in interior design which he believes is an integral part of architecture. His training and professional work as well as his life experience has informed his design on all scales –  from furniture to interiors to architecture.

Anthony set up EMCS Design with his partner Emily So in 2014. Together they have completed a wide range of projects. While residential interiors form an important part of the company’s portfolio, other projects including offices, retail and community centres showcase the diverse capacities of EMCS.

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