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Design is a magical experience.

It connects the intangible and the physical. It starts with ideas, dreams and imagination - the intangibles.

We put these thoughts into drawings, review and refine them. It gradually takes shape and becomes reality through the hands of craftsmen. The intangible enters into the physical world that we live in.

Over time, the forms and spaces we created may be changed or demolished. But the experience will form part of our lives, memories and dreams.

A place with character can evoke wonderful  emotions, so we value the unique experience that a special space can provide. Instead of using decorative elements to achieve instant ‘wow’ effects, we are more interested in the careful refinement of details to create a particular atmosphere, one that attracts people to stay and makes them feel satisfied.


We put strong emphasis on the quality of space that is defined by light, shapes, colours and the texture of materials.  And there are always new possibilities to be explored. The spatial sequences, the tension between adjacent rooms and the materiality of space fascinate us and inform our design.


Good design to us always appears effortless. The more effort you put into it, the more effortless the outcome will look.


Elegance is not simply a matter of taste. More importantly, it is finding the most effective solution to a complicated issue.


We are inevitably influenced by design trends but tend not to follow them. We envision our projects to be both contemporary and timeless at the same time. And they will still look fresh many years after completion.

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